We’re excited to be creating a brand that will feature and target a senior audience, a group that is often wrongly or under represented – for a business that will not only encourage independence, but also provide the tools to achieve it.

Whilst we work on the final stages of creating this new brand, we wanted to share some images from our recent photoshoot, where we worked with Karsten Thormaehlen, a German photographer famous for taking stunning photos of some of the oldest people in the world.

To us, it is important that we represent the target audience in a positive way. We want to celebrate age, not hide it. We discovered Karsten’s images and fell in love with the way he photographs his subjects in an honest, empowering style that seems to celebrate their experience. Karsten’s latest book Happy at 100 has just been published.

L&Co_Albert Photo 6
Chrissy and Sally
L&Co_Albert Photo 1
L&Co_Albert Photo 5
L&Co_Albert Photo 3
L&Co_Albert Photo 2