An Entrepreneur’s Journey by L&CO
“L&Co has created the book An Entrepreneur’s Journey to mark five years of the Frog Capital and London Business School speaker series.”
4-8-2015 | Source: Designweek

Design Week – Tell

L&CO refreshes icelolly identity
“We created the ice-lolly icon and then used it as a window into the holiday world and suggest the idea of choice and comparison with bold overlapping icons in flat colour.”
4-4-2014 | Source: Designweek

Design Week – Icelolly

 YCN Creative Cultures interview L&CO
“How would you describe L&CO to anyone that’s not come across you?”
We create and build brands from strategy to implementation across a range of media and for many types of organisations, from start-ups to global giants like Unilever and Shell.”

4-4-2014 | Source: YCN



 L&CO and Hensley Partners have named and created an identity for Health Innovation South London.
“The idea was to create a simple wordmark and supergraphic, which suggests both the idea of connectivity (between the various health institutions) and hints at the south of the river geography.”
16-10-2013 | Source: Designweek



Creative Conscience Awards:UK, an interview with Paul Barlow
“We don’t do enough of this stuff. In our business, awards tend to be about self-congratulation. Using design for the greater good is wonderful. Chrissy – founder of CCA:UK – has a passion that is evangelical.”
20-06-2012 | Source: CCA:UK
Read the full interview here



SHL global launch video
“Our task is to refresh the SHL brand and create a new design framework to help promote the business in a more relevant, compelling and appropriate way.”
16-08-2011 | Source: SHL


L&Co rebrands Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
“The identity uses a bold purple and pink colour palette and incorporates the new strap-line, ‘Bringing medicines to life’, along with a geometric tree symbol ‘inspired by the symbol in eastern medicine’. The grid-system of the tree icon aims to represent the idea of collaboration.”
14-07-2011 | Source: Design Week


Financial Services in a recession
“The financial services sector badly needs to rebuild trust in its institutions, and design has a vital role to play in this regard, says Paul Barlow.”
23-04-2009 | Source: Design Week


The Dominion rebranding story
“There comes a time in most companies’ development when they look at themselves and realise their visual presentation no longer reflects who they are.”


L&CO dusts off the identity for Royal Holloway college
“Royal Holloway, University of London, has unveiled a visual identity and literature scheme, designed by L&CO.”


Taking a risk
“Royalty or equity deals are good ways to benefit from a client’s success, but first you must do your homework and get advice from professionals”
01-03-2007 | Source: Design Week

“Inspiration comes in unexpected forms, as I realised when I argued with my four-year-old daughter over which book I should read to her.”
08-12-2005 | Source: Design Week